• How to vote on Midas Foundation?

    First, login to midas.foundation by using your Midas Protocol account:

    • If you want to vote for a project, then go to Projects —> <select a project> , you’ll see YES/NO button for project voting.
    • If you want to vote for an idea, then go to Ideas Central, you’ll see YES/NO button for idea voting.

  • How to change nickname and profile picture on midas.foundation?

    Please update your name/nickname and your image/avatar on Profile tab in your Midas Protocol account, these info will be updated automatically in your Midas Foundation profile then.

  • What does it mean that the fundraising is for Midas Protocol? How Midas Foundation will be funded?

    Midas Foundation does not need funding at the beginning. 80% of Midas Protocol profits will be donated to Midas Foundation to help more other projects.

  • What is the meaning and purpose of Midas Foundation?

    Midas Foundation aims to kickstart potential frontier technology projects, provide reliable information and validate projects according to Global Transparency Alliance Framework. It is dedicated to bring the most of benefits and rewards to Midas Pioneers & Midasians as well as to grow and protect their investments in Midas Ecosystem. The ultimate objective of Midas Foundation is to innovate in such a way that it can provide passive income and smart investment opportunities to the Pioneers through rewards/airdrops from those projects that are supported by the Foundation.

  • What are functions of Midas Foundation?

    Some highlight functions to take note:

    • Midas Pioneers can submit projects for Midas Board and Midas Community’s perusal.
    • Pooling function only available to Pioneers to invest in ICOs supported by Midas Foundation, to get maximum bonus.


    Please visit https://blog.midasprotocol.io/birds-eye-view-of-midas-ecosystem/ for more informations

  • According to the roadmap, Midas Foundation will be released on Q1/2019, but I see you already release Midas Foundation. Could you tell us more about this?

    The Midas Foundation released on Jun-15 is alpha version and mostly used by Midas Pioneers. The future version will be for both Midas Pioneers and Midasians and this version will have many more features/functions.

  • Midas Protocol haven't made profit yet, why Midas Foundation already released?

    Yes, Midas Protocol haven’t made profit yet so this Midas Foundation alpha version only has voting and pooling function. The kickstart fund for startup projects will be available when Midas Protocol has profit. However, the Midas Foundation alpha version will help filter all scam projects. All the projects listed on Midas Foundation are already reviewed carefully by the expert team. Midas Foundation will help Midas Pioneers an Midasians get more benefits from those projects (through pooling, airdrop, etc).

  • How those projects which pass the voting on Midas Foundation has fund to run?

    Those projects listed on Midas Foundation (currently in alpha version) can already run by itself, not a startup project. In the future, when Midas Protocol makes profit and fund Midas Foundation, we will support kickstart fund for startup projects.

  • How Midas Foundation Operate?

    Midas Foundation receives funding from the revenue of Midas Protocol Platform as a donation. Midas Foundation will have a Board of Trustees composed by leaders in different fields in ASEAN to help with the selection of new projects and provide guidance for the new teams from the conceptual stage to the day of success. Midas Foundation will be set up in Singapore according to Singapore’s Law on Trust Fund and Society Act. Midas Foundation will provide kickstart funding to the projects in all ASEAN countries and will be set up during the time that Singapore is taking the ASEAN’s Chairmanship (2018-2020).