Midas Foundation Project Validation Framework

Based on Regulus Investment and Capital Holdings’ set of rules that are combined methodology using the Global ICO Transparency Alliance’s standard and the Switzerland Crypto Valley ICO Guideline, Midas Foundation Project Validation Framework represents as one of the most comprehensive validation framework for startups projects.

After assessment, our experts panel will issue 3 types of Status:

  1. Positive: The project successfully passes our stringent framework standards (Pooling may happen if Voting pass 51%)
  2. Neutral: The project did not meet some standards (No Pooling)
  3. Failed: The project did not meet most of the standards (after 3 days shown as failed, the project will then be removed)
Our rating is solely our Panel's view and should not be considered as Investment solicitation or Financial advice. A project's success depends substantially on its team's execution according to its roadmap and market conditions. Contributors to those projects should always be responsible for their own decision.


Transparency Standard (Pre-ICO)

  1. Business Entity
  2. Countries of restriction
  3. Website and Website Security
  4. Whitepaper readiness
  5. Audited / Rated by 3rd party
  6. Core team members due diligence by 3rd party
  7. Advisor Acknowledgement
  8. Project MVP
  9. Financial plan
  10. Implementation timeline
  11. Benefits and risks
  12. Governance framework
  13. Storage and access of crypto assets
  14. Compliance (KYC, AML) solution
  15. Audited smart contract
  16. Other case-specific criteria: applicable regulations, issuance protocol and schedule, pricing mechanism, relevant taxation regime, contributor-based differentiations, sequential implementation of functionalities and listing plans, buy-back programs, existence of floors, envisaged burning and creation policy, treatment of any excess funding, team’s tokens vesting schedule, and existence of lock-up periods for funds attributed to management etc.

Transparency Standard (Post-ICO)

  1. Fund Status / Audit Report
  2. Development Disclosure (Github Milestone)
  3. Operating and Financial Highlights
  4. Letter to the token holder from CEO
  5. Management's Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)
  6. Multisig-wallet address disclosure for team’s reserved-tokens