Avoid phising and improve the Midas websites reputation

by Lakedaimon - Midas Guardian - Date: Aug/02/2018
YES: 535 3
NO: 1,095 11

Currently visiting Midas sites with cryptonite enabled shows the black shield, wich is interpretaded for the extension and the user as a warning: it is not a crypto website, or this site is not safe and may be a scam or a phising site. When midas foundation website, (and in future vinex too) shows the green shield, it will be considered a safe crypto website. And the user can login knowing his assets and passwords are safe.


About Cryptonite browser extension: "#1 Browser extension for protecting Crypto enthusiasts from phishing scams and fake twitter accounts. Cryptonite is an open source browser extension that protects crypto enthusiasts from phishing scams. Whenever you visit a verified crypto site or social media account, the Cryptonite shield turns from black to green on your toolbar - providing an obvious indicator that you are safe. This is the only extension with this feature. If it's not green, assume the worst until you can prove otherwise."