Future new Pioneers : Is the highest bidder the most beneficial to the community ?

by Gaborxx 2 - Midas Guardian - Date: Jul/18/2018
YES: 1,610 16
NO: 35 2

When pioneer statutes are put up for sale, some new pioneers may bring more value to the community than others. Perhaps TOMO, XZC or DIVX whales would like to come with their tokens to participate in a Masternode, but are not yet aware of the project, the possibility of becoming a pioneer or their interest in participating. Thus, I propose to privilege the sale of pioneer statutes not to anyone with the means to pay, but to selected people, who could bring value to the pioneers, in a win-win system. This requires the creation of a place where we can discuss among ourselves the profiles to welcome and it requires to make MIDAS and Midas Pionniers status known on other crypto-currency telegrams, so that the whales that are there can be aware of this pioneer status. Thank you for reading me


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