Generations of pionners

by [SyG65s] - Midas Guardian - Date: Jul/15/2018
YES: 110 2
NO: 1,535 16

What do u think about a second generation of pionners ? That u will need in the future (october maybe ) to hold a large amount of mas to be defined (100k ?) mas to benefits of the perks of being a pionner and be part of MIDAS PIONNERS 2ND GEN . And so we could have troughout the months or years new generations of pionners and each generation needs to hold more mas than the previous to benefits perks of pionners . This will encourage buying and holding big amount of mas and it will bring a new wave of buyers and it will add value to the token . Its in my opinion better than bidding for pionners slot and will benefits all pionners and midaseans even thoses with small amount of mas since it will increase its value .


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