Innovative idea

by Hitcoinwalk - Midas Jedi - Date: Jul/07/2018
YES: 800 7
NO: 2,465 24

We could have a loan system only for pioneers where we stack an amount of token and we can cash out in fiat money the equivalent or just 50 % of what we stack and we refunds all months as a classic loan, we can imagine a small rate of interest or a cost for this service directly charged in Mas token when granting the credit to reward all the pioneers in airdrop or only for pioneers who help if we need a specific pool to do that idea, the borrower and Midas Bank :) are protected because the funds in Mas token remain locked in the Foundation, this because sometimes we need some cash for project family or something unexpected and we really don't want to sell our precious tokens ! A borrower will remain a pioneer holder with the same stack instead of returning disappointed after the price increase. From a Think Tank to Think Bank


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