Lock Bonus for 3 month

by Daniel Y - Midas Guardian - Date: Sep/20/2018
YES: 5,008 36
NO: 5,210 16

To prevent a dump a lot of pioneer would like to lock the midas bonus token to 3 month after the listing it will prevent a dump due to bonus released too soon after the listing ( listing in end of september and release of bonus in october is too soon) we was thinking that the initial bonus lock was 3 month after the listing, but no it's in october, the majority of us was happy to see a bonus lock to prevent dump. So let's lock bonuses to Q4 of 2018 and release with the beta of midas foundation ( that will give us the opportunity to pool with midas tokens ) With only +- 150.000.000 Midas Token in circulating supply with bonus locked i think we will start with a positive price and it will make everyone happy to see a positive investment in this bear market.


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