by Daniel Y - Midas Guardian - Date: Jul/17/2018
YES: 3,641 34
NO: 300 3

In the future, in parralel of MASPAY create a debit card, not free for everyone in many version: BLACK METAL CARD for pioneers or holder of big amount of MAS, Gold metal card for big holders, silver for average holders and plastic black and yellow one for little holders, put a time of holding for everyone except pioneer like: you need to hold 100K mas 3 month before being able to order the card ( like mco) it will add holders (value) it will give us a way to pay without having to withdraw our crypto with maspay technology it can be great ( and if possible a visa or MasterCard compatible ) the card will not be free even for pioneer to cover producing price. Each card have different advantage.


I really like this idea as the 3 Pillars become further developed. Great way to integrate everything and tie it all back to Fiat.