by Daniel Y - Midas Guardian - Date: Jun/29/2018
YES: 8,138 63
NO: 560 11

To improve mass adoption we need to simplify the way we send crypto currencies, public adresses are too hard to use for the mass here’s my idea to make Midas the most complete wallet ever. 1. We can add any midasian as a « friend » 2. We can chat with any of our friends send picture, video, vocal records. (Maybe a deal with suchapp to integrate that to Midas?) 3. Our friend have his wallet tied to his name so it can make easier to send any crypto currency we click on a « send money » and choose between: Stable Coin (USDT, later EURT or any other stable currency available) or Normal coin and we can send: BTC ETH MAS TOMO maybe add a instant pay currency like NANO. All without dealing with public adress etc 4. Names for midasians are unique and they can add a pseudonym like twitter @uniquename and their pseudonym example: @Daniel220 Daniel Yu 5. We can personalize our picture ( we can do it already) and add a little description when someone click on our profile. And one more feature: find Midasian friend by Facebook, Twitter, instagram or a social network used in Asean by linking their account


I WANT TO EDIT THIS IDEA: Skip the CHAT part just add a way to add friends to make faster transaction between midasians; without having to deal with public adress