Order ideas in idea central from latest to oldest

by Reji - Midas Jedi - Date: Jul/11/2018
YES: 2,406 18
NO: 410 8

This is a simple aesthetic fix and can be corrected in a few minutes by the midas tech team, but will making voting for ideas easier When one logs into ideas central, all the ideas appear one after the other in no logical order. its a human tendency that people scroll through the first 5-10 links in a page. so it would great, if the newest ideas are presented on the top of the page and the older ones to the bottom as its can safely assumed that the pioneer who has logged in a couple of days back doesn't want to read the same idea again and have to scroll down to see if there is any new ideas solution - order the ideas based on date submitted, which is already shown on the page. so the midas developers have to only sort the ideas presented date wise.


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