Pioneer Rank Burn

by Daniel Y - Midas Guardian - Date: Jul/12/2018
YES: 1,345 15
NO: 345 6

When we see kambria and NewCater voting we see that’ ~350 are active in voting and even less in other things l. I think we can expect a huge number of derank for inactive pioneer and flippers so maybe a high number of pioneer rank to sell and with high offer = less value so I want to set a limit of pioneer to 500 and burn every pioneer rank who are inactive to get at less than 500 limit, then over time if one of the 500 pioneer is inactive we can put his rank for bidding. Advantages: More value for a pioneer rank, More reward for pioneer who is active. And a active-only community.


GT Midas Jedi
Jul 15, 2018

"a huge number of derank for inactive pioneer"? This would be a concern as it wasn't the case when we invested. Pioneer status was, is, supposed to be for life. There was the 0.5 ETH requirement and you had to be early. That was it. There was no list of responsibilities like you must vote, you must login every so often, you must be active. These are options. A lot of people might just be waiting for the exchange to open to take advantage of the 50% off fees. We just don't know. Most pioneers are obviously happy to be hands-off at the moment and good luck to them. Better for your mental health. :)

Midas rewarded early investors in their project when it was in its infancy with pioneer status. This status was granted to people who supported the project with their money while no one really knew about it. I believe that going back on their word would be inappropriate and result in the loss of value of pioneer status itself, if it can be confiscated as such.

i want to add that even with a pioneer rank burn to 500 +- 150 will be inactive ( +- 350 voters on kambria ) and less in new cater so there will still be a lot of account to bid for so dont worry. we need to have a small but solid pioneer community less inactive pioneer = more value for us and more earnings value.