Pioneers to be held accountable on voting for projects

by Reji - Midas Jedi - Date: Jul/05/2018
YES: 6,792 50
NO: 560 8

In the voting for kambria many pioneers voted yes just to get mas tokens.. midas could lose reputation in front of clients if the project is voted yes, but the pooling for ico is not successful. As of july 5th only 19% pooling for kambria was completed while it was voted with close to 60% yes. I suggest a simple system, wherein if the pioneer votes yes for the project, they have to contribute a minimum amount to the pooling or lose a few mas, if they vote no, then no penalties. just receive the mas as voting reward. This way , voting reflects a true intention of the pioneer and midas can guage the real interest. Midas foundation Is just starting and its very important that pioneers play the role of good citizens , rather than making decisions to gain more MAS. if ICO pooling keeps falling short of target, then its conceivable that midas will not be able to get sweet deals for pioneers due to loss of reputation with prospective ico clients.


Good idea but that doesn't guarantee that Pioneers can just easily all vote NO to get the reward so Midas again can lose reputation..