Shadow Investment Tracker

by [S1w4pS] - Midas Apprentice - Date: Jul/11/2018
YES: 10 1
NO: 25 1

A cool feature for Midas Protocol would be to see how you *WOULD HAVE* done (in terms of your financials), had you NOT traded your MAS for X token or bought into Y ico? Like a "shadow lane/state" to compare once you've made a certain play/trade/investment, so that you can visualize how you're doing compared to your previous state. That could be quite cool to see how you improve etc... maybe up by 2x, 3x etc... Unless you buy bags ? Could have all types of interesting analysis with graphs/charts etc where you can tick all the previous plays based on single decisions (i.e. investing in ico x) or based on time-frame (days/weeks) etc. Might also be an interesting tool that can be shown on the traders on the ladder-board, for those who have paid to see.


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