Trading Tournament... with a couple of twists

by GT - Midas Jedi - Date: Jul/10/2018
YES: 426 6
NO: 1,405 18

When MAS hits the exchanges, there will be many more Non-Pioneer MAS holders so we need something that's attractive to new, Non-Pioneer, users. Non-exclusive. My suggestion is a trading tournament with two key twists: (i) two joint-first prizes for the top trader on the leaderboard AND ALSO the top newcomer; (ii) the top prize is an all-expenses-paid trip to meet the team in SE Asia. The details are up to the team, but the trip could be a couple of nights in either Singapore or Vietnam, with the winners getting to meet key team members at a key event with the focus on rewarding the community and having fun! KYC should be able to weed out any duplicate entries for the "newcomers" and there's lots of flexibility in frequency etc. to create the best formula. If the tournament is held quarterly then maybe new people signing-up on the exchange are automatically enrolled in the next four quarterly tournaments, as an example. It could also be held monthly if Dr. David can fund it :) then newcomers would many more chances to win. Lots of flexibility to figure out how to best implement (i) and (ii) above. For a more complete Midas ecosystem initiative, our advisor, Kambria's Dr. Thuc Vu, might be able to help design the tournament with his "deep expertise in game theory, tournament design and multi-agent systems". Finally, this idea may seem to put Pioneers and early users at a disadvantage but the idea is to bring in new users on an ongoing basis, not to reward early investors even more. If you're a Pioneer or if you sign up to the exchange early and want to win the trip, just get to the top of the leaderboard! :) Sorry for the long post.


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