Cross-chain swapping BNB and MCASH on UniDex

Cross-chain swapping BNB and MCASH on UniDex

Pooling starts in

Target 50,000,000 mcash

Midas Ecosystem has one centralized crypto exchange — Vinex Network. It is the right time for us to push for our cross chain decentralized exchange UniDex to higher level, not only by incorporating more chains, more pairs but also for UniDex to reach the marketplace on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.

In this direction, we have been fully integrated Binance chain on our Midas Protocol Wallet version 1.4.3 (iOS) and 1.4.4 (Android). The next step is to integrate Binance Chain on UniDex. In this campaign, to test out the swap function between Mcashchain and Binance chain, we call for support from Midas and Mcash community to swap their BNB to Mcash. This will also open doors for cross chain swap of M1 tokens on Mcashchain to BEP2 tokens on Binance chain directly on UniDex. To compensate for this effort by the community, Mcash price will be calculated at 10% discount compared to the market price.

At the same time, you will be entitled for Lucky Draw and Jackpot Lottery as follows:

  • Total prize: 100,000 MCASH coin worth 2,000 USD
  • 100 lucky rewards of 500 MCASH each
  • 2 Jackpots reward of 25,000 MCASH (500 USD each)

Prerequisites for Lucky Draw:

Steps to participate and get a Lucky Draw & an Instant Ticket

1. Download and install the Midas wallet app to your smartphone (iOS & Android):

2. Create MCASH wallet address on Midas wallet app (guide:

3. Copy & paste your MCASH address to telegram group Midas McashChain Playground ( following the syntax:

  • /bnb “your mcash address here”
  • Example: /bnb MM7idf2BMudS1ysMdGg7ThbHqnb5VfpeTJ

4. After that, you will immediately get a lucky number given to you by Telegram bot “Playground Bot”

5. This program will start from 12pm, 23 August 2019 until program ends.

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