Pooling Ended

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Pooling Ended

Extradecoin is an exchange platform for the cryptocurrency. Extradecoin connects sellers and buyers. Anyone can trade cryptocurrency on our platform with ease. If customers use our ETE coin to transact, they will benefit the lowest you get on the platform is about 0.01% (ETE) compared to the average rate of...


You do not need any MAS Strength to participate

2% pooling will divided equally to pioneer who voted

8% pooling will reward by pooling stake

Pooling Ended



High startup cost, wasted labor and siloed development have impeded the current progress in the robotics industry. As a result, the pace of robotics innovation is needlessly constrained. Kambria’s creation was born out of our desire to accelerate progress by engaging a vast community of developers and creators, providing them with...


The Pooling participant will have 10% bonus of KAT token bought when participating through Midas Pooling.
During this pooling period, KAT token value will be pegged to ETH.
1 ETH = 25,000 KAT (including 10% bonus)

In addition to 10% KAT bonus, 5% of the pooling value in MAS token will be rewarded as follows

  • 1% will be rewarded to 397 voters (for voting for Kambria on Midas Foundation)
  • 2% will be rewarded to Pooling participants according to their MAS Strength. Minimum contribution 1 ETH to be rewarded.
  • 2% MAS will be rewarded to Pooling participants according to their Pooling Stakes. Minimum contribution 1 ETH to be rewarded.
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How to participate in pooling:

Step 1: Login to your account 



Step 2: Register for pooling

Condition: During pooling process and you have at least 10,000 MAS in your account.



Step 3: Fill the following information in this form:

  • Your wallet address.
  • Your expected contribution (ETH)


  • Do not use your exchange address
  • If you want to change  your wallet  address. Please send mail to us!



After you submit, click QR code to copy the address and send your ETH